How far did I run, walk, hike or bike? Calculate and find the distance online

Ever wonder how many miles you went? can help find the distance you’ve traveled. Once you sign up and log in, you can see if someone else has plotted the same route. If not, go to ROUTES then Map a Route. Pick a starting location, type of activity and what you are doing it for (exercise, social, school, etc.). Click on your starting position then click on points along your route. I start by plotting to the end of a street or big change in direction then go back to give the route the right shape as I follow where I go. Every time I move a point, another is created between the one moved and the two on each side so I can give my route a more precise shape. The time it takes me to plot a route depends on how detailed you want it to be. Most importantly, remember to save your work when you’re done. The last time I forgot and lost everything. Starting over isn’t a big deal, but it takes time to recreate my route.

Beyond finding distance, the website has additional features – create a map, browse existing routes, log a workout, find your friends, create a group and the ability to look for training partners. Thus far, I have only been interested in how far I had gone. However, I will eventually want to find new places, locally or when out of town. This site could offer some ideas on where I might choose to go.

For those with a smartphone, you can also download the corresponding app called iMapMyRun that syncs to the website. The reviews are mixed, but I assume improvements will make this app as valuable as the website. Happy trails!

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