Looking for cheap gas? Where to find the best prices in your area

With the rising costs of gasoline these days, I thought I would share a website I was sent a few years ago. You can find link on the MSN auto page (click here for a direct link). It works in all states in the US.

The new interactive gas center has even more information than the original webpage. You can now see the gas prices and map side by side. To find the information, enter your zip code and you will see a list the lowest price in your area. You will get better results if you then enter your city and state. When you put your mouse over the name of the gas station, it will show the address and date the price was found. It’s updated often (sometimes daily), so keep checking back.

The site can also help you calculate your fuel costs and has fuel efficient car reviews. You may want to consider checking this page out before buying your next vehicle. A recommended website to bookmark!



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One Response to “Looking for cheap gas? Where to find the best prices in your area”
  1. Sonia says:

    Gas in California is getting out of hand. In my area we are already up to $3.89 a gallon. All we do now is go to work and straight home. Thanks for the link Kristen!

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